Kid's Immune Tonic

“Our kids have taken Kid’s Immune Tonic this winter, and it has made all the difference!” Susan B., Boulder, CO

  • Provides vital support for children during the cold season
  • Boosts the body’s “wei qi” – the protective defense system
  • Supports immune function

 Kid’s Immune Tonic is an effective herbal remedy designed to strengthen a child’s “wei qi” (protective defense system). It directs the body toward a state of deeper strength and balance to keep a child’s defense system strong during the winter months.

Kid’s Immune Tonic is based on the classical Chinese formula Jade Screen, known to support the body’s “wei qi.” The formula contains other powerful ingredients such as cinnamon to warm the surface of the body, camu camu to provide a potent natural source of Vitamin C, and elderberry to further help defend against invasive influences. Multiple clinical studies in China have shown this formula to be extremely effective for children who experience frequent respiratory imbalances.

Kid’s Immune Tonic has been clinically tested and refined over the past 20 years. It has been formulated from the purest herbs available in super concentrated 12:1 herbal formula. Independent laboratory analyses show that this formula far exceeds U.S. Pharmacopeia standards of purity.


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