Five Powerful Fatigue Fighters!

Your alarm goes off and it’s a struggle to get up.  You have a full day of things you need or want to do but feel too tired to do them. After your morning coffee, you have a little more energy, but that wears off by noon. In the afternoon, you start to feel drowsy and turn to another cup of coffee or 8-hour energy – giving you a short boost. Then you hit the wall.

For centuries, people have turned to the prized Chinese tonic herbs, known as adaptogens, to replenish their energy reserves naturally, support the immune system and adrenals and bring the body back into balance.  These are five of the most prized energy-boosting herbs to restore your vital energy.



Ginseng is not a stimulant but rather an adaptogen that supports the body’s natural response to stress, anxiety and physical and mental exertion. It helps replenish depleted adrenals and enhances energy, memory, focus and overall vitality. A recent double-blind study tested the effectiveness of panax ginseng in patients suffering from fatigue. The study concluded that patients taking ginseng experienced increased energy as well as greater improvement in cognitive function and lower levels of free radicals in the blood.


Cordyceps is one of the most valuable mushrooms for supporting the immune system, increasing energy and endurance. Research has shown that Cordyceps increases energy by raising ATP levels (the primary energy carrier in all living organisms), by lowering levels of lactic acid (which make us feel tired) and by increasing insulin sensitivity which gives cells more access to fuel for energy and also lowers one’s risk for diabetes in the long run. It is also a powerful tonic for the lungs.


Rhodiola is an adaptogen that strengthens the body’s response to physical, mental, and emotional stressors. In a study with physicians on night call it was shown that the rhodiola group had a significant reduction in stress-induced fatigue as well improved physical and mental performance. Rhodiola also improves exercise performance and endurance by activating the synthesis or re-synthesis of ATP and stimulating energy repair processes after exercise. In addition to increasing energy, Rhodiola enhances healthy sleep, lifts depression, reduces anxiety and helps keep blood sugar in a healthy range.

Eleuthero Ginseng

Eleuthero, also known as Siberian ginseng, can boost energy, sharpen mental concentration and help improve strength and stamina. It is a prized herb for athletes to naturally enhance their performance. Studies of Eleuthero’s effects on human performance show that the plant increases tolerance to a broad range of stress factors, including heat, noise and increased exercise. The extract of the eleuthero root increases energy, work output, endurance, athletic performance and mental alertness. It also shows remarkable protective benefits under conditions of oxygen deprivation, so it is beneficial for people who will be going to high altitudes.


As an adaptogen, gynostmma (or jiaogulan) increases energy, endurance, stamina while reducing mental and emotional stress. It also helps stabilize blood sugar by increasing insulin sensitivity. Considered the “herb of immortality,” gynostemma is also known to extend longevity, support the immune system, lower cholesterol, lower high blood pressure and improve heart function.

So turn your fatigue into energy with these powerful herbs. You can try any of these herbs individually by boiling them in a tea.  But there is a formula: Supreme Immune Tonic by Six
Persimmons Apothecary that has all of the above herbs in a potent 10:1 concentration.  Learn more about Supreme Immune Tonic here.

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Karen French
Karen French

July 03, 2018

Thanks for this information. I have tried Supreme Immune Tonic, and it has really helped with my energy, sleep, memory and mental focus. I have benefited from this formula so I appreciate learning about the herbs in this formula.

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