Cold Nip® 45 Caps -- Back in Stock!

 “Nothing has worked better for me or my family during the winter season. I take it every time I feel something coming on.” M.M, Boulder, Colorado



  • Provides vital support during the cold season
  • Boosts the body’s “wei qi” – the protective defense system
  • Supports immune function
  • Transforms phlegm and drains dampness

Cold Nip® combines three classical Chinese herbal formulas (Ge Gen Tang, Yin Qiao San and Er Chen Tang) with three powerful Chinese herbs (Andrographis, Isatis leaf and Isatis root) to provide the most effective support during the cold season.

Cold Nip® has been clinically tested and refined over the past 24 years. It has been formulated from the purest herbs available in highly-concentrated 12:1 herbal formula. Independent laboratory analyses show that this formula far exceeds U.S. Pharmacopeia standards of purity.


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