Supreme Immune Tonic — Back in Stock!

"This formula contains the kings of the tonic herbs--herbs so rare and valued that they were only available to the emperor and his court in the past!”

  • Supports immune and adrenal function
  • Supports deep energy, strength, stamina and vitality
  • Supports mental clarity, focus and memory

    The herbs in this formula: Astragalus (50:1): recognized as a potent immune system modulator by modern researchers, Astragalus enhances the body’s strong natural defense system. It is used traditionally to support heart and digestive health, strengthen muscles, help one recover from illness, help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and support healthy energy levels. Reishi mushroom (10:1) is one of the leading tonic herbs for attaining superior health and is revered by Taoists for its ability to prolong life and enhance wisdom. It is known to create inner awareness, balance and strengthen the body's overall functions. Cordyceps (10:1) is a highly-treasured herb known for its powerful immune and life-enhancing properties. It is known to support physical and mental energy, enhance brain power and structural integrity. It is superior lung and anti-aging tonic. Ginseng (10:1) is used to restore one's vital energy, improve thinking, concentration, memory and to help one adapt to stress. Eluthero ginseng (10:1) is used to support the immune and circulatory systems. It supports heathy blood pressure and healthy blood sugar levels while enhancing one's vital energy. Rhodiola (10:1) is an adaptogenic herb used to support the immune system and improve fatigue, attention span, memory and overall vitality. Gynostemma (10:1) is an adaptogen that increases the body’s resistance to stress and is also a premier longevity herb. It enhances energy, increases cardiac efficiency and supports immune function as well as healthy glucose metabolism. Lycium (10:1) is a powerful antioxidant known for its anti-aging, strengthening and mood-elevating properties. It also is an important immune modulator which also improves energy. It is also a lskin and beauty tonic. Schizandra (10:1) is an anti-aging herb and a superior beauty tonic. It is known for its powerful support of the blood and brain. It is used to improve vitality, concentration, alertness, vision and hearing. It is known to sharpen the mind, rejuvenate sexual energies and purify the blood. Polygonatum (10:1) nourishes the yin and profoundly balances this formula by supporting the Lung and Stomach (in Chinese medicine) and moistens dryness in the body. 

    Supreme Immune Tonic has been clinically tested, refined and formulated from the purest herbs available in a highly-concentrated formula of 50:1 or 10:1. Independent laboratory analyses show that this formula far exceeds U.S. Pharmacopeia standards of purity.

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